The event took place on Friday 6 July 2012 at the Westminster City Hall in Victoria, London. In attendance was a representative of the British Association of Adoption & Fostering (BAAF) - a Consultant on Private Fostering & Black Minority Ethnic Issues.

Guests also included four African Adoptive Parents who shared their personal and emotional stories.In the first segment of the programme, in order to assess level of understanding of the attendees, there was a brain-storming session on the differences between Adoption and Fostering.



To create awareness about Adoption and Fostering · To know the differences between Fostering & Adoption. · To highlight the benefits of Adoption & Fostering. · To promote adoption within the Afro-Caribbean Community. · To provide guidance and support for Prospective and/or Adoptive Parents. · To promote multi-cultural adoption. · To change mindset that you have to be married to be an Adoptive or Foster Parent. · To break the myth that you can only adopt/foster a child if you are childless.



Be more informed about various options in Adoption. · To realise mutual benefits that could be derived by the adopted child and adoptive parent. · To realise the need for and how to access relevant and appropriate level of support. · Realise that inability to conceive does not prevent you from giving unconditional love to another person’s child.



Both male and female, irrespective of marital status (single, married, divorced, separated, widowed) and ethnic background

Age Group - from 18 years and above

All Nationalities are welcome

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