Relationship Part 2



To have an open forum/dialogue with the intent on improving relationships with partners.

To change mindsets and be more open with matters that seem challenging.

To seek timely and appropriate support before a situation disintegrates.

To help individuals gain confidence and a greater sense of control as they learn to cope effectively with challenges.

To understand the nature of any relationship, have the motivation and the right mindset to effect positive change.

To assess individual character traits as a way of avoiding repeat mistakes in future relationships.



Hopeful that there is life after a traumatic relationship.

To form new and healthy relationships with a new mindset.

Be focused on positive thinking.

To realise the need for and how to access relevant and appropriate level of support.

To learn how to communicate freely and openly in a relationship.



Both male and female, irrespective of marital status (single, married, divorced, separated, widowed) and ethnic background

Age Group - from 18 years and above

All Nationalities are welcome


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